Sex and The City: Seasons 1 - 6 Box Set (Shoe Box) (HBO)

I absolutely love my Sex and the City Box Set - it becomes your best friend: someone who cheers you up when you are down, makes you laugh when you don't feel like it, celebrate men in good ways and bad with that special splash of comedy, makes you feel invincible, and gives you that 'refresh' button to start the day with.

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha are the best friends we all have, have had or will have. No matter where life takes them, they are there together, facing the highs and the lows, the good times and the bad.

Whether you wanna relive the whole Aidan story - his furniture making, when he tries to knock through to make their apartments one, when he proposes, the fact she wears it around her neck, having to rub his KFC belly while he sleeps, or even the fountain scene where 2 becomes 1... its all there in one neat little shoebox!

BIG... definately the biggest deal in the whole series is whether Big and Carrie will get together. The last episodes of the last series are heart wrenching and heart warming all in one go!

A fabulous collection of fashion and trends is embraced through Carrie's trip to Vogue when she discovers the prop section and some unsavoury old man in his boxers!

Very true to life and bringing the comedies of life to the screen, Sex and The City embraces sex, love, relationships, men, careers and being a woman in the 20th century.

You can never have your box set too far away. Had a bad day? All I do is stick one of the many series on and relax.

Whether you're attached, dating or single each character in Sex and The City resembles some part of you and helps you evaluate your own life.