The Fast And The Furious Ultimate Collection (3 Discs)

For anyone who loves cars and fast, adrenaline fueled films then this is for you. The fast and the furious features Vin Diesel and Paul Walker who street race and win money. Their cars are hooked up with the latest tuning worth thousands of dollars to make them the best because it's all about winning. NOS helps them to achieve the highest speeds. These cars also look amazing with the most creative and unbeatable paint jobs out there. They also have great body kits and spoilers and each one is custom built.

The fast and the furious sees Brian, an undercover cop in Los Angeles investigate Dom and his street racing friends, about some hijackings. Brian begins to think about his growing friendship with Dom and soon realises it is more important than being a cop. In 2 fast 2 furious, Brian is back, this time in Miami to bring down Carter Verone and his gang with the help of his ex-con friend, Roman. In Tokyo drift, an American teenager, Shaun is forced to move to Tokyo to escape his racing ways but soon gets caught up in underground drift racing.

The box set also offers some great extra features including: the making of the fast and the furious, deleted scenes and other great bonuses. The three films are easy to watch. All you need to do is sit back and watch these glorious cars in action. The actors are great but it is the cars and the races that make the films.

This box set is a must buy for anyone who wants to see super fast cars that move as good as they look. All three films are filled with exciting, fast paced moments, action, romance and pretty much everything else a good movie needs. Do not hesitate to buy this because you will not be disappointed. Vin diesel and Paul Walker are excellent in it and so are the rest of the cast.