Logitech G15 Keyboard (V1)

When I built my own computer I tried to keep everything to the minimum cost, but still get the best I could.

However I was foolish enough to not bother with quality peripherals, and I went for a cheap 10 pound Keyboard+Mouse combo.

As if this weren't worse, they were wireless and soon enough the keyboard started to show a high level of battery maintenance. Being a gamer I got incredibly frustrated with the performance, and I decided to buy the best Logitech were offering, which at the time was and I believe still is, this Logitech G15 keyboard. (Version 1, as opposed to version 2, which has less amount of macros)

This keyboard is incredible. It has 54 recordable macros that allow you to play games with a whole lot of shortcuts. The LCD functions are maybe not as great as one would expect them to be, but nonetheless it's a nice detail, and it lets you keep track of your time easily whilst gaming in full screen.

Another very nice feature which Logitech has implemented is the "Gaming Key". There is a little button which allows you to enable/disable the "windows" key, to make sure that whilst playing and hitting those keys frantically, you don't accidentally switch to your desktop and quite possibly find yourself dead when you finally get back to your game.

There are two little USB extensions, which allow you to plug in other devices, so long as they are not very power consuming.

With it's media controls (Volume, Play, Previous Song, Next Song etc) and the awesome blue background colour throughout the keyboard, this is easily the best keyboard I have ever had.

The only downside to this keyboard is that if you are unlucky enough to spill big amounts of tea into it, you will go and buy another one - beware of addiction.