Original Soundtrack - Juno

When asked what the eponymous lead character in ‘Juno’, 2008’s film-of-the-year-so-far, would listen to, actress Ellen Paige immediately replied “The Moldy Peaches”.

Consequently, Kimya Dawson, quirky singer songstress with the voice of an adolescent boy, is found all over this album. Whether she is singing about boys and poo in The Moldy Peaches, humming along to herself in her own solo projects, or singing bizarre dual language duets in her side project ‘Antsy Pants’, select any random song from this soundtrack album, and you’re in with a good chance that Ms Dawson had something to do with it.

Elsewhere on the album, we find classics from The Kinks, The Velvet Underground, Cat Power, Belle and Sebastian (whose references to British superstores C&A and Debenhams are refreshing to hear amongst so much Americana) and - the only piece of diagetic sound from the film to feature on the album - a recording of lead actors Michael Cera and Ellen Paige duetting in their own version of The Moldy Peaches ‘Anyone Else But You’. The guitars are out of tune, half the verses are forgotten, but, much like the original version, it is completely charming.

One of the albums highlights is Sonic Youth’s version of The Carpenter’s ‘Superstar’, full of bubbling random noise, hissing feedback; it succeeds in evoking an atmosphere of intense spookiness.

Many soundtrack albums feature snippets of dialogue from the film they are taken from, however, this album is content to let the music do the talking, as track after track of acoustic dreaminess flows by. It’s not just a recommended purchase for fans of the film, but also very highly recommended to fans of music in general. Mirroring the impeccable taste of many of the lead characters, this is an album full of classic slices of skewed, do-it-yourself, angular, fragile Americana. Really, really worth having.