The L Word - Season 3

Season 3 is another must have and if you've bought seasons 1 and 2 then nothing will stop you from buying this too.

We are introduced to yet again more characters as others seem to have vanished. Mark is no longer around and neither is Ivan. Even so we are introduced to Moira, Jenny's new girlfriend who moves to LA. She has a very interesting story to tell as she gets closer and closer to becoming a man known as Max.

There are tensions between Shane and Carmen as mistakes are made and Bette and Tina struggle to be happy as a couple. Unfortunately, this season is very sad. Alice is on drugs for reasons I won't reveal and sad things happen to her, Dana and Lara. The last disc will make you reach for the tissues as it did with me. It feels like the whole season builds up to this one moment and when it happens it leaves everyone devastated and if you have become a fan of The L Word and you feel like these women are your friends too, then this will have an affect on you as well. But remember it's only a show! It still has many laughs and fun times. It will still leave you wanting more and more. Unfortunately there will be a bit of a wait before season 4 is released on DVD in the Uk even though season 5 is airing in the US at the moment.

Once again, just like the other seasons, this brings with it a great storyline for all characters. Moira is a fascinating watch, Shane and Carmen are still together but it gets a bit rocky and Bette and Tina dislike each other a lot but this brings some great quotes and fantastic funny moments. It's not one to miss!