The L Word - Season 1 (4 Discs)

The L Word is not only a drama we have never seen before but it also is based on women and women alone. It is hard to picture any man watching this routinely unless it is for all the lesbian sex.
It is about a group of lesbian friends living in Los Angeles and it certainly carries a hard dose of girl power as there is only one main male character in the first season.

The first season focuses on Jenny's story. She comes to live with her boyfriend in LA but before she knows it, her life becomes more confusing than she could ever have imagined. She is thrown in to a world that is completely new to her and her story is so gripping you'll get through this DVD in almost one sitting.

The group of friends include, Bette and Tina, a couple who have been together for seven years, but even their relationship eventually turns sour. Alice, a journalist, Dana, a professional tennis player and Shane, a real player, all have their own stories that develop in the most compelling and exciting way.

The L Word is not just about lesbians having sex. It is a drama series that will get anyone hooked. It is not just aimed at gay people either, even though I'm sure they are the ones who love it most, but straight people will certainly enjoy this just as much because it is like any other drama series. There is a story, drama, conflict, adventures and best of all - comedy! Believe it or not but The L Word is very funny with Alice and Bette dishing out most of the lines that really will make you laugh out loud.

The L Word is Sex and the City meets Queer as Folk, with a bit of Desperate Housewives thrown in too. I cannot stress how great this programme is. It is funny, happy, sad and the characters are so lovable that you can easily identify with them. I think it's a show that everyone must watch so that people understand that lesbians are normal people who go through the joys and troubles of life just like everybody else.