Evesham Technology - Evesham 500GB HandySTOR 7200rpm USB 2.0 external hard drive

I work in the multimedia business, I kept running out of storage and needed a reliable storage back up which is fast enough to handle huge data transfers quickly and reliably for my Phd work.
I needed an external hard drive which I could just plug out, take where ever I wanted, another reason was that external hard drives can have any file system, 500 GB internals usually require NTFS which wont be read with simple FAT or FAT32 or linux or MAC systems.
So bought this Evesham 500GB hard drive. Very robust, very easy to carry as it is external, and USB 2.0 makes it super fast. The drive is a 7200 RPM, compared it with my SATA 100 GB Hard drive and 90% of the times I found no difference in speed.
One of the problems I faced with external hard drives is that they make a lot of noise when transferring data, specially when left running for longer periods of time. I Did some data transfer tests with this one and found that the noise levels are quite low when operating this hard drive. Transfer rate is as promised. Most external drive sellers claim USB 2.0 speeds but usually they are quite slow.
I think it is quite cheap as I did do some surveys using ebay Pc world, Maplin, currys and many other comparison sites on the internet. An internal 500 GB hard drive costs like 90-130 pounds which I already bought from ebay, but it is as slow as hell and only used with NTFS file system and not even the best quality one.
Very satisfied with this product, I have been using it for 2 months now, extensively using it every day, and not a problem what so ever till now. I would like to highly recommend this product for professionals, students or people in need of high storage with quality and speed in mind.