Britney Spears Fantasy 50ml Eau de Parfum Spray

My husband bought me the Britney Spears Fantasy perfume for Christmas and I must say when I first opened the wrapping and took it out of the box, I was disappointed. I collect perfumes, you see, and this wasn't on my list of ones that I wanted. I had seen the advertisements for it, an seeing as I wasn't that impressed with Ms. Spears herself, I really couldn't see myself liking her perfume.

I couldn't have been more wrong! I was actually pleasantly surprised, and my husband got away with it!

I shall start with the box. I happen to think that packaging is very important in perfume. Well, with most things in life really. If it doesn't look good, I won't buy it. However, this box is bright. It's eye-catching and it is something your eyes would be drawn to should you come across this in a shop. The box is a strange shape, it has a pink underlay and a bright, multi coloured bit that comes across the top. It is a mixture of greens, pinks and purples. At first thought, you may think that this would not be a good combination of colours, but it does actually work!

Now to the Britney Spears Fantasy bottle. The bottle itself is pink. Very bright pink! It is round and it has small diamanté studs in it. As bottle's of perfume go, it would be a great addition to anyone's perfume shelf. It certainly brightens mine!

As for the perfume, well at first application, it has a rather sickly smell. It's very sweet, and very strong. It does, however, die down to a nice aroma that seems to longer. Everyone I know has commented on how nice it is when I have been wearing it. It is a fruity smell, and some of the fruits in it can be recognised. I can smell kiwi in it anyway, and many of my friends have commented on this particular smell as well. I like the smell, personally, but I think it's a smell that only certain people can wear. It is a strong, feminine smell and it seems to suit powerful women. Quite a tribute to Ms. Spears, as she herself is a strong and powerful woman.

The perfume has amazing staying power! A lot of perfumes that I own in my collection have a gorgeous smell, but needs constant reapplication throughout the day. This one, stays all day. I have worn it to work in the morning and gone to the bar after for the night, and people can still smell it in the evening. It is amazing!

This Britney Spears Fantasy perfume is great value for money. A couple of squirts in the morning and it lasts all day, meaning that it will last for months if you choose to wear it everyday! It is a perfume that suits both day and night time occasions, and I wear it to work and also to the pub! It also suits both summer and winter - it is warm enough to wear during the cold months but fruity enough to wear in the summer ones.

All in all, I would definitely purchase this perfume as a present for my friends and family and for the money you pay for it, I would say that is great value for money. Definitely a must have for any perfume collector!