Breakin' All The Rules

This is a comedy that would keep you laughing and thinking at the same time. It follows the story of Quincy Watson (Jamie Foxx, Booty Call) who is asked by his boss (Peter MacNicol) to produce a guide to firing people as the company needs to be downsized. This ends up becoming a ‘break up’ guide when he writes a series of letters to his fiancé Helen (Bianca Lawson) on how to break up with him properly as she unexpectedly leaves him for Paris with his best man.

The book becomes an instant success; however a series of mix-ups puts all the characters in a tight spot and a funny one too. Take for instance; his boss’ gold digger girlfriend Rita (Jennifer Esposito, Dracula 2000) mistakes his cousin Evan (Morris Chestnut, The Best Man) for him. She begins to do ‘business’ with him to make sure he does not help her boyfriend in breaking up with her. Then he agrees to help his cousin to break up with his girlfriend Nicky (Gabrielle Union, Bring It On) because she uttered the phrase, ‘Honey we need to talk’, only to give the story away because he did not recognise her with her Halle Berry looking haircut. Everything comes to a head when the disguises come undone and Helen comes back expecting to fall into the arms of love.

This film is full of many surprises and Jamie Foxx’s acting is on point from the scene when he is dressed up in Helen’s bathrobe looking haggard to when he kisses his true love. Writer/director Daniel Taplitz introduces other stereotype characters for comedic effect, for example the old man who is Nicky’s patient and her co-worker who interferes with her love life by scheming. Look out for the surprise ending of his boss and girlfriend, you’re bund to be in stitches. The special features are also good especially the bloopers.