Quadrant Shower Enclosure

We just recently had this Quadrant Shower Enclosure installed in our bathroom and it has been a fantastic buy. It was easy to install, we just called any random plumber we found in the directory, i don't feel like this requires any special skills on behalf of the plumber.

It feels amazingly luxurious because of the stone tray instead of the typical plastic tray which is usually provided with showers. I feel like this tray gives more grip to the feet as well, so from a safety point of view it is an improvement!

The shower enclosure is very modern with a slick feel to the way it opens up in a circular fashion. It is a very smooth movement and just adds to the relaxing feeling that comes with having a shower in this cubicle. the glass is easy to clean with even a dry cloth as long as you do it regularly. Also there are less areas where mould can grow because of the shape of this unit, all the cavities - around the rollers for example- are easy to clean.

My wife always complains that the glass with become cloudy with limescale, but i have been routinely cleaning it and i can confidently say that the look can be maintained. This shower unit can go with any kind of modern bathroom because of its slick silver chrome frame. The size is fab, you can get two people in a shower, if that is what you prefer - wink wink! Also, if you are an oversized person you will prefer this shower unit as it will be very easy to step in and out.

You are definitely paying for quality and if you think about how much you are getting for your money, its a bargain. I have recommended this Quadrant Shower Enclosure to my brother and he too will be installing one in his bathroom.