Family Guy - Series 1-6 - Complete (Box Set)

I am a big fan of animated humour since my teens with the advent of The Simpson’s, South Park and Futurama but Family Guy beats them all hands down. I appreciate this one isn't for children but the humour is much more high brow than anything South Park's usual flatulence gags.

Seth MacFarlane provides some great stories and the characters in the show are all superb but Stewie the homicidal, possibly homosexual, baby is an icon of the modern age – damn you all to hell.

You can clearly see as the seasons progress that the quality of the animation gets better the more budget secured, Meg is replaced in season two onwards with Mila Kunis from That 70’s Show and despite being officially cancelled after season three there’s a great joke at the beginning of season four taking a swipe at Fox the producers which is a common theme throughout the seasons.

From what I read online a large proportion of viewers claim this is a like for like copy of The Simpson’s but I don’t recall Homer saying anything stronger than damn and I do feel that my favourite Springfield residents are slowly but surely running out of steam. I relish new episodes of Family Guy being released simply to see just how far across the line they are prepared to go.

Family Guy is the Jimmy Carr (if you are in the United Kingdom) or Doug Stanhope (for our friends in the United States) of the animated world, funny but you know you shouldn’t laugh at some of the humour for fear of going to hell. There’s a plethora of movie references, especially Star Wars, so for anyone who wants to laugh out loud, albeit guiltily, I can recommend sticking this on and sending your politically correct teachings on a brief vacation.

I give this five stars simply because that the maximum this site allows but I'd sell all my Simpson's DVD's to keep hold of this.