I was looking for ages for a nice corset / bustier to wear on a night out with my friends after browsing for over an hour I came across this beautiful simple LeatherWear MX bustier and fell in love with it! For a start the LeatherWear MX is black so it goes with practically everything, then naturally bustiers are sexy and this one being a leather material makes it extra sexy.

These are the best types of tops for the people with the larger breasts to wear as most going out tops seem to be backless or strapless. With larger breasts you NEED to wear a bra so end up looking a bit silly with your bra on underneath so you don’t flop out everywhere but with this it gives you the right support so you look and feel sexy!

Another brilliant thing about this basque/bustier is the fact that it is leather you just wipe down to clean it as normal corsets / bustiers end up misshapen if you put it in the washing machine and hand washing is just time taking aggravation. We all know if your on a night out you will most probably get someone dancing a bit to enthusiastically resulting in their drink or somebody's drink being spilt all down you.

My last point i like to make is the fact its quite plain unlike some going out tops that are all sparkly with all types of patterns all over them so you can wear this over a nice white shirt with some black trousers as another totally different outfit which you could go to work in or wear to another night out its brilliant.

I am 100% satisfied with this LeatherWear MX Basque I would definitely recommend it to others and if I see it in any other colours I will grab them too.