Sunrise Champagne Balloon Flight For Two

This Sunrise Balloon Flight was a ride of a lifetime! I was rattling my brain as to what i could do for our anniversary and when i saw this offer, i knew it was perfect. I told my friends about it and they thought it was too expensive, but they didn't know and they still don't know that it was worth every penny. Until you step on board this hot air balloon you really won't know just how amazing it is.

I remember how the balloon flight brought tears to my eyes as we floated above the world. My husband and I have been through so much together and to see the world that we struggled in from this perspective brought a sense of achievement. We felt excited and yet calm and finally grateful to be there together reflecting on our lives in such a beautiful moment. We just hugged in silence and looked over the countryside, it was so romantic! I could even see some birds flying by at the same level as us in the sky. It really did feel like we were floating with the clouds. A dream anniversary gift for any husband or wife.

People kept saying it was going to be so windy and cold that we wouldn't enjoy the trip, but it wasn't any more windy up there than it was in the ground and in fact i felt quite warm because of the flame that was filling the balloon with hot air. I wore just a coat, scarf and gloves and this was enough to keep me and hubby cosy. It's nice to take some refreshments on board with you, we just took some chocolates and other luxuries that you wouldn't normally eat, it made the trip feel even more of a treat!

This Sunrise Balloon Flight for Two will give you a great opportunity to take some amazing panoramic shots of the countryside, we got our pictures blown up on a horizontal canvas, its a great way to remember the journey.