French Connection Ladies Waisted Belt in Black

French Connection is well known for its superb, elegant and chic style and this Ladies Waisted Belt is no exception. In high quality black leather this waist belt is an essential buy for your wardrobe. On the cat walks at the moment, the waist is a real focal point and these waist belts are everywhere on the high street. However, French Connection always seem to have the edge over other high street retailers in quality and style and this belt is one of the simplest and nicest designs I have seen in a waist belt.

The fact that it is not too fussy is good because it means you can wear it with a large range of outfits and it is an incredibly versatile accessory, the simple gold clasp looks fabulous when wearing a simple black (or any other colour) shift dress, or a white tailored shirt with a pencil skirt, or over a cardigan or a jacket to modernize the look of your old clothes.

The waist belt gives everyone that craved for 1950's silhouette without the pain of a corset. The genius is that it draws attention to the smallest part of your body (everybody has a teeny waist) and makes it the focal point of your outfit, so whichever part of your body you don't like, people will be paying attention to your tiny waist instead...brilliant!

This particular French Connection waisted belt is great quality leather which will last you for years and it is a really competitive price at twenty pounds, which is very very cheap compared to other high street retailers. It is very eye catching and a much better way to display a nice belt than wearing one on your hips, which can make the unfortunate look quite hippy as well. The waist belt looks like it will be an enduring trend through the next few seasons, so best buy a belt now before you miss out.