Miss Sixty Ladies Sunglasses

These Miss Sixty 'Creme Brulee' sunglasses are one accessory I just can't be without, even though it is cold at the moment. I bought this style last summer to take on holiday with me as I love the chunky aviator look they have and I wore them all holiday long. I love the Miss Sixty brand and I have a lot of their clothing and have bought their sunglasses in the past but I was especially fond of these ones.

Sadly I lost them in the airport on the way back home, so I had to instantly buy a new pair, and now I have two new pairs all ready and waiting for summer just in case I lose them again. They have quite light coloured lenses which makes it easier and less disorienting too look out of them, and they are perfectly filed and balanced so they sit in the middle of your face and don't look crooked or one sided.

Considering ladies designer sunglasses sell for upwards of a hundred pounds then thirty four pounds isn't really a lot to pay for such good quality sunglasses as these. Miss Sixty Sunglasses look great with a scarf in winter, or simply just chilling on the beach in a bikini in summer, and they have very good quality lenses which is important to protect your eyes from the sun and UV rays.

They come with a little pouch to keep them in and a cloth, but you might want to get a thick leather pouch so that they are well kept and so they don't break, because believe me, you will fall in love with them when you get them and you will not want them to break. These Crème Brulee sunglasses are flattering for most face shapes except perhaps wide or square jawed faces because they are quite chunky, but they look great on, so it is worth anyone trying them.