Family Guy: Blue Harvest (A New Hope Episode IV)

As far as animations go I personally love family guy and it is great to see the writers do a twist on the first Star Wars film, one that everybody knows and loves. For any Family Guy fan this is a must see, for any Star Wars fan, I highly recommend this as it potentially could turn you into a Family Guy fan to...That is if your not already:)

Without wanting to spoil all the great characters of family guy that have been incorporated in the film personally Clevland as R2-D2 was one of the best pieces of scripting references I have seen in a long time, well it made me laugh. Funny familiar catchphrases and a whole lot more from both Star Wars and Family Guy. Interestingly in the height of this great idea of a "reference" film (one where family guy has not written their own story line, meerly copied the one of, I assume, their favourite films to promote people rewatching it) they were beaten to the punch line by another great animation "Robot Chicken". Yet not to be outdone there is a simply brilliant ending with Chris and Peter arguing over this point of how Robot Chicken "got there first" but yet the subtle irony of the whole ending is that not only was the Family Guy film referencing and hence promoting Star Wars, it is actually doing the same for Robot Chicken.

So why may you ask have I only rated this as 4 stars out of 5? well I was pleased with so much of the film, but yet its run-time of only a double episode (just over 40 mins) disappointed me as I was expecting more from a "film"...picky I know but they had done so well with their first film "Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (2005)" that I was left feeling a little robbed...I was simply itching to see them do all of the Star Wars episodes...perhaps that is what they have in the pipeline we'll have to see and wait.