Nintendo - Nintendo Wii Console inc Wii Sports Remote Nunchuck (EURO Ver. with UK Power)

I bought this console originally because I couldn’t afford the more expensive systems that had come out at around the same time and I have never been happier with my choice. To be honest I don’t have that much time to play games with studies and work and I think a lot of people are in the same situation but that’s exactly the kind of lifestyle the Wii can conform to.

I can play the Wii in my spare time and it is the first console that I have ever bought that seems to really be able to engage a group as well as the individual player. I can sit with my friends and play games that really involve everyone and even when playing on my own it has such friendliness to it that my friends are more than happy to sit and take turns. After taking all that in to consideration the value for money is ridiculously good. This is everything a console should be it doesn’t go for the complicated graphics although it can do; instead it goes for the pure fun that games should be.

It’s smaller and compact the way technology should be and the wireless capability is amazing. There are no wires to the controllers and the distance you can get from the actual console and still play allows so much more freedom. For instance when playing the sports games you really can move around side to side and play real tennis and get involved. I feel like I am reaching across the court to reach the ball, one of the best things about the Wii is it’s backwards compatibility instead of being able to play your old games on it you can download them, so ok you have to pay but you can now buy all those games you missed out on buying when they first came out and you can even buy one of the old controllers to use with them.

All the sports have accessories you can buy like actual tennis rackets for the Wii and all you have to do is strap your remote into the add on. But the best aspect of this already amazing console is the control system, Nintendo have outdone themselves say goodbye to finger bashing injuries as you wave the nunchuck around and control characters and sports with your own movements! This allows you to get so much more involved in the game it’s hilarious to watch your friends jumping around the room waving their arms in such frenzy.
I would definitely buy this product again and I recommend it to anyone and all ages. It’s affordable, compatible, and innovative and the most fun I’ve had in ages. The Wii brings gaming back to where it should be. You will not be disappointed.