Ladies Chilli Pepper Trouser Dress Washed Black

This Ladies Chilli Pepper Trouser Dress is one of the nicest outfits i have ever bought, i like to be modest in the way that i dress and this top ticks all the boxes because it has long sleeves, high neck and covers my bum too. My mate is far more kinky than me and she has the same top as we went shopping together and fell in love with this, she wears it without a top on the inside giving her a low cut neck line which is quite sexy too.

The great thing about this Ladies Chilli Pepper Trouser Dress is that the neck line can be buttoned up to be a very formal top or unbuttoned to make a casual top. The waistband in the middle gives shape and ensures that you don't look like your wearing a sack!

The washed black colour is great, very sexy, not quite black and not quite grey, it's kind of in between. I always like to bush up my hair in a funky way, it contradicts the smart look of the top making the whole look pretty retro! The material is soft and flowing which is nice if you're wearing a baggy top because otherwise you look bigger than you are. This top will only flatter your figure, not make you look bigger. I always find that this trouser dress makes me look taller as well which is great because i'm quite short. If i wear trousers that are black with this top then i definitely look taller.

I've just realised recently that the collar on this dress is inspired from Indian designs in fashion and is called a 'sharvaani' collar in the Urdu language, so potentially you could look quite good wearing this to an Indian event and in fact my Asian friends have said to me that if i dressed this top up with some loud jewelery, gold scarf, pair of heels etc i could even go to an Indian wedding in it!