Need For Speed Carbon

I recently bought the Need For Speed Carbon for my partner who is 30 years old, I myself am 25 years old, he got his ps3 this christmas and as there are not all that many games available just yet, it is quite hard to look for choice in a game with the most game play hours. There are no 'bad points' about this game to discuss really as it is pure brilliance.

There is so many options and things to do other than just race, different to anything we have played before and so so real looking in graphics. Endless hours of racing fun for any age, as I said my partner is 30 and loves it as any child would. It really is a game for all ages. The ps3 is most definitely one of the best consoles around at the minute with unbeatable graphics as you will see during this game. It has hundreds of hours of game play and so much. The price for this game is as any ps3 game is priced and as far as we are concearned is well worth it for entertainment and value for money. Its also very easy to trade in at shops such as game, game station.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Need For Speed Carbon to anyone and also would take great pleasure in buying as a gift. Ps3 games are now being released more and more and lets hope they produce more and more of this sort of game to the same standard. It is also very easy to get hold of at the minute from any the online shops below selling this type of game. Unlike some other consoles at the moment, that seem to have run out of stock with console games being auctioned on sites for ridiculous amounts of money.