I needed a new set of headphones for my mp3 player listening, as I had a long trip ahead of me (an 8 hour flight) the headphones that came with my mp3 player had fallen apart over time. Usually I would buy the in-ear type head phones as I am normally walking when listening and it is more comfortable.

I opted for this type as I would be sitting on a plane and in-ear headphones become quite uncomfortable over a long periode of time, also they were made for digital sources, i.e my mp3 player. The price of these seemed acceptable and I know soundlab are a decent company as I have other products by them.

The main feature I like most about these headphones is the style of them, they go around the back rather then the top of your head which is good if your wearing a hat, and it is more stylish.
Also they are lightweight which is good when traveling. This does not affect the sound quality though, as they have been manufactured for a digital source, which means they are to be used with items such as mp3's etc. As they are to be used with such items, it means the sound quality will be better then a standard pair of headphones.

Overall they are a brilliant set of headphones, in many different ways, the price for a start, usually a cheap set of headphones means a cheap sound quality, not with these. The sound quality is very decent and is made for the modern world with mp3's etc. The size of them is great, they fit in a bag easily, they are strong enough to not fall apart when in the bag. They are also stylish and fashionable. Altogether a 10 out of 10 product on many different factors.