Girl Interrupted

During my early teens I suffered from a bout of clinical depression that lasted from the ages of 10 to 16. During this period in my life I soaked up any films / books to do with what I was going through, in an attempt to understand it. I discovered Girl Interrupted through a friend of mine who recommended it to me.

Girl interrupted is a hard hitting portrayal of life in a mental institution. It is raw and passionate and features many different mental disorders. Angelina Jolie stars as Lisa, an angst ridden sociopath and Winona Ryder is cast as Susanna Kaysen - a confused young woman suffering from depression. These two characters bounce off of each other, causing many a dramatic scene.

The all star cast for Girl Interrupted also includes Jared Leto, Whoopi Goldberg, Vanessa Redgrave, Clea DuVall, Angelina Bettis and Brittany Murphy who plays Daisy, a laxative addicted young woman who will only eat chicken which her father brings her on his visits to the hospital.

The acting is superb in this film and it’s a worthwhile watch for people who have been through similar experiences. The film is based upon the real life account of a descent into mental illness and gradual recovery by Susanna Kaysen, and, having read the book, I can state that it follows the original story very well.

It is a dark, yet sometimes heart warming, drama which delves into things that some people don’t like to address. Girl Interrupted holds no punches, it’s pretty gripping stuff right from the word go. The soundtrack features the classic ‘Downtown’ by Petula Clark and ‘End of the world’ by Skeeter Davis, both of which strangely add to the melancholy feel of the film.

Girl interrupted is a worthwhile watch for people who have experienced the darkness of depression and other mental illnesses. It may be somewhat triggering for people of a sensitive nature, so please watch it with caution if you feel you may be deeply affected by it.