Skins - Series 1 (3 Discs)

Skins is the program of the moment, all teenagers and adults alike have found this new show, by the makers of Shameless, to be very enjoyable. I first discovered skins after seeing an advert on sky, it seemed quite interesting so I thought I’d check it out, after the first episode I was hooked completely, as were my friends.

We all love the raw portrayal of growing up that skins offers, as we’ve all been there and it’s nice to see that these kind of things happen to everyone, not just you. Skins follows the story of 11 teenagers, each episode follows a different character to see their story. It addresses everything from Eating Disorders, Drugs and Sex and much more. The characters all have different personalities and bring different things to the show.

Although I would primarily label Skins as a drama, there are some humorous scenes too. Some episodes are quite dark and disturbing, yet all episodes are littered with light hearted humour, to lift the mood.

Many of the storylines are hard hitting and you find yourself empathising with the characters and hoping everything works out okay for them, something which is a rarity in this day and age as most programs don’t delve deep enough into character development to give you a feel for who these people actually are. Thankfully skins does, everyone I know has a favourite skins character.

The music is very vibrant and adds to the feel of the program, as do the clothes worn by the characters. It’s a very trendy / nu rave program, but even if these attributes don’t interest you, please don’t be put off - there’s so much more to Skins than trendy music and clothes!.

I would recommend skins to an audience aged 14+ and to people who are looking for a hard hitting teen drama that addresses problems that many young people today have to face.