From the book I have learned an awful lot about dogs that i did not know before. I was looking for something to help me out as I was nearly at the stage of having to give my dog to a friend. I could not control him at all he was very naughty. He did not come when i called him away from other dogs. He used to try and attack other dogs sometimes in the park and i could not get him to listen to anything. We was not bonding and i felt i was on the verge of loosing him. I then came across this book which has helped me out a lot. I have learned to tame him and he now even sits and gives me his paw.

It has changed the way I feel about dogs completely and now me and my dog have such a strong bond. I have learned to be patent with my dog and treat him when he is good so that he understands he has done good and is good again. This book really has taught me so much I never thought me and my dog would be able to bond with each other the way we do now. I can take him for a walk and control him when he sees another dog. We play together and he always comes back to me with the ball or stick I have threw where as before he didn’t.

I have recommended this book to all my friends and family with dogs. My aunt also has a dog which she is not bonding well with. She has purchased this book and now is getting there. She is still going through the book and it is great to see how well this book really works. It helps you decide which dog is best for you if you was to get a new dog.

I have given this book a definite thumbs up and recommend anyone who is looking to buy a dog or struggling with their current dog to give this book ago first. It really is amazing how much you will learn from it.