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I bought these Clarks Lucky Clover boots as a present to myself for losing a stone in weight. They made me feel great and on top of the world. I felt like I was in charge of my life and these boots made me feel like a powerful woman! Since i have bought them i have worn them pretty much every day! The boots match with any outfit and are not too high so they can be worn all day without causing your feet any pain.

These Clarks Lucky Clover Boots are perfect for a business meeting or just going into town or even for a night out, they are very versatile! My husband loves them too as he thinks they are very sexy and is glad I’m wearing a pair of shoes more than once instead of letting them gather dust in the wardrobe! I thought these were extremely good value for money and i will definitely be buying another pair soon as i am sure i will have worn these ones out soon through all the wearing!

The side zip is extremely convenient and they are easy to put on so are great if you are a person on the go and don’t have time to fuss around with complicated shoes. The detail on these Clarks Lucky Clover boots is also very intricate and shows the good quality of the craftsmanship. They are extremely hard wearing and don’t let your feet get wet when it rains! These boots look amazing with a skirt or with a trouser suit and are so versatile there is no need for lots of pairs of different shoes when this pair will match with almost everything.

I have had lots of positive comments about how good these boots on me and it has boosted my self esteem. I would recommend these boots to anyone, they are a star buy!