Canon Digital Camera IXUS 60

Upon the birth of our son, we knew we needed a great little digital camera . Our requirements were that we could slip it into a pocket easily, had no tricky lens caps or pop up flashes and was simple to use. We have now had the Canon IXUS 60 for over three years and we are still finding new things it can do.

Once you begin exploring the night time settings and the action settings things really opened up for us. The zoom function is attached to the shutter button so getting nice and tight on your subjects is not too hard. We love the video capture on this camera as well. It is just one little extra that helps you capture the moment when pictures just don't do it justice, such as our sons first steps. We have pictures of this too, but the video is much more effective for that kind of moment.

The battery pack stays charged for weeks at a time with what I would call ‘standard family use’ and recharges in a few hours. We use our camera in conjunction with a Mac computer and iPhoto and it couldn’t be easier to upload your photos. One thing we have found is that we just keep getting better and better pictures now that the Canon IXUS 60 allows us to take as many photos as we want of any given subject. The anti redeye system works brilliantly giving a quick ‘pre flash’ to the eyes thus preventing redeye at all!

This little camera fits in the palm of your hand and has a very sleek, silver finish. Auto switch off, preview mode, a large digital screen and nice weight combine to give this camera a quality feel. Over all I would highly recommend this camera to anyone looking for a nice little number at a good price. I imagine they are very affordable now so pick one up while you still can!